Our mission is to simplify and streamline all of your daily activities into one powerful, yet easy to use tool.

We aim to give you full control over your business again, by removing all the hassle and improving your experience, as well as your client’s. We also provide businesses with a simple way to have an online presence and start selling products and services.


    Better manage your clients by organizing their invoices and bookings all in one place.


    Share a calendar with your clients to allow them to book time with you.


    Create online forms that you can easily embed on your website or share as a URL. Ability to collect payments.


    Invoicing and payment processing is made easy with Billmate. Simply fill in the blanks and get paid fast!

Our cultural values

The pillars of our continuous success


We are constantly growing and improving through our lasting experiences and the input we get from you. That’s why we are proud to call all of you our partners.


Out with the old, in with the new! We are staying up to date, so that you don’t have to and can focus on running your business.


We also pride ourselves in the excellent service and products we always strive to provide. Excellence is our benchmark.


Complex problems require creative solutions, and we thrive when it comes to problem solving.


Building a powerful software for small businesses

We simplify and streamline every aspect of your business. This includes proposals, questionnaires, calendars, invoices, clients, etc. Billmate will allow you to save crucial time and better service your clients and therefore, make more money.

Billmate - Invoicing software solution