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Billmate Dashboard
Billmate Dashboard

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    Better manage your clients by organizing their invoices and bookings all in one place.


    Share a calendar with your clients to allow them to book time with you.


    Create online forms that you can easily embed on your website or share as a URL. Ability to collect payments.


    Invoicing and payment processing is made easy with Billmate. Simply fill in the blanks and get paid fast!


Build long-term relationships

Lasting relationships come from effective service and quality products. With Billmate, you enhance your client’s experience and manage them more efficiently.

Leads to customers

Quickly convert leads into customers with our intuitive and most easy to use CRM.

Notes and alerts

Leave yourself reminders and notes so that you are notified every time an important deadline or event is coming.

Track everything

Reports are made based on the data you enter in the platform and keep you updated on the status and evolution of every one of your clients.


Bring your sales to the next level

Never feel overwhelmed or lost again when looking at your company finances, as everything is made to be organized and simple to use.

Invoice Tracking

Track all of your invoices and get reminded if they become past due.


Detailed reports of your financial activities, gives you great perspective on your finances and therefore, provides you with peace of mind.

Web Page Builder

Embed your newly created e-commerce Billmate Web Page to your website or create unique links and easily share them with all your clients in a few clicks. This feature is a must, and it will help you generate online sales fast!

Helping small businesses thrive

Trusted by small businesses and freelancers such as

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